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15 November 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Well, it already passed here in Canada, but I did live in the States for over five year, thus I feel entitled to celebrate both Thanksgiving(s?). Anyhow, what to be thankful for... Well really, what isn't there to be thankful about? This year has been great so far. I got to see my favourite band live three times! That be correct, three flipping times! Sure, it doesn't seem like that much, but this was in a span of less than four months, I'd been waiting to see them live for over four years, and one of the times was a festival I won tickets to and couldn't have gone otherwise to, so yeah, musically, my life's been complete. Well, there's been a death in the family and at the time it seemed I wouldn't be able to get past that, but of course my friends and family helped. I expected my family to help out of course, but I didn't actually think my friends would be so supportive. Not that they hate me or anything, of course, but at the time I'd known them for less than two years and though that might seem a long time to some people, not so much to me. In the States I had friends that I had known for over six years and well, let's just say they never did anything for me of the sort. Thing is, I don't expect my friends to do things like that for me, but I would try and help out someone I cared about, so it's always a bit upsetting when you're always there for friends and they're seldomly there for you. However, it's not as if I hated my new friends thinking that they wouldn't help me out, it's just that I wasn't sure of just how good friends we'd all become. It was a really sad day, but at least I had people to get me through it all. For that, I will always be infinitely grateful. Of all that's happened this year, there is another moment that particularly stands out in my mind and fills me with joy. I was at the mall with some of my closest friends. We sat down at the food court to share a large order of our favourite potato wedges and just started talking about everything and anything. It started off quite silly; jokes were made and we all laughed. We then started reminiscing about high school and how much we'd all changed since ninth grade. My friends were talking about how in grade nine they had barely been friends with each other, but how all tat had changed when I moved and started going o their school in tenth grade. They mentioned how they had never stuck around with a group of friends for more than a year, but that somehow, being friends with me had been different because well, there we were, three years later all still friends. It was odd to me because I'd been used to having the same group of friends from the beginning, but it was nice all the same. Anyway, back to my current group of friends, there's this one particular friend, L, I shall call her because she'd hate me if I mentioned her name anywhere on the internet. Well, L, was kind of shy when I first met her. She was the really quiet one in the group. I'd always just joke around with her and tease her a bit because she just seemed genuinely nice and funny and someone worth getting to know. After a bit, she didn't seem shy anymore, but just one of those people that only talk when they have something worth saying. I figured I had guessed wrong when I thought she was was shy and that was that. However, that day at the mall after we'd been talkign for a while, my friends started commentiing on how much their lives had changed since thye'd met me. It was a bit embarrassign just having them gush a bit like that, but one of the comments made me truly happy. It was L that made that comment. She said that since she had met me, I had given her the confidence to be more outgoing and not be afraid to talk. It may not seem much to some, but I was so happy when she said that! Sometimes I'd be afraid that she'd get mad at me for teasing her, even though I was just joking around, but no, she was grateful She said it was so much better now. That's one of the things I'm the most grateful for this year. That comment L made just about made my year. You see, I really like L and I consider her to be one of my best friends. When I first started talking to her, I would gush to some friends about how nice and funny she was, but they would just tell me she was really quiet and they had no idea what I was talking about. However, soon my other friends started seeing what I was talking about and now everyone thinks she's really funny and everyone knows just how great of a person she is, whether quiet or not, but not shy, no, not anymore. It might seem like an odd thing to be grateful about, but for her to thank me for making her a bit more outgoing just made me really happy. I suppose it was because it showed just how good friends I had become with her. Better friends than the ones I had known for over five years and it gave me hope and a bit more confidence in myself. How odd I give her confidence and she unkowingly returns the favour. I'm grateful for my friends.

Oh, I also just got a Google Alert for this, so seeing as I intended to write this anyway, here it is. I hope someone with a good story wins the contest. Blog about what you're thankful for and win at ModCloth!
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05 September 2009 @ 07:18 pm
Ngh, I don't update this thing much, now do I?
Thing is, I'll get these fantastic ideas for things to write about. Then I of course procrastinate. When I actually get around to writing about anything, I have forgotten what I even meant to write about.
Really, if I carried through with my ideas, I would have probably written a fantastic book by now that would have made me rich beyond my wildest dreams. That or I would at least have a couple decent updates on here.
Anyhow, that's all the creative juices I can muster up for the time being.
Oh, I have to add that Franz Ferdinand's gig at the Metropolis in Montreal was absolutely amazing! Even better was getting to meet some of the band after the gig. Best night ever! More on that later however. I will eventually write up a proper gig report. Still, just worth mentioning it because the night was too fantastic to believe something like that could even happen, but hey, it did! :D

PS. I cannot believe I don't have a tag for Franz Ferdinand. What's the matter with me?!
12 August 2009 @ 02:34 pm
 It's been a while, but I dunno, I get such great ideas to write something about and then when it actually comes down to it, I completely forget what it is I was going to say. I know for a fact I had something of interest to say yesterday, but as is always the case, I've forgotten it. Typical? Yes. Annoying? More than you can imagine. However, I want to write today, and write I shall! What about? Well, I haven't done anything particularly note-worthy for a while, but I did watch True Blood yesterday, and so, that's what I shall write about. Yes, seems as good a topic as any.

True Blood. It's raunchy for one thing and when it first came out, I remember countless people, i.e. teens, criticizing HBO for trying to mooch off Twilight;s success. True Blood is based on a series of novels written long before Twilight. What I find peculiar is how in both novels, one of the main characters possesses the ability to read people's minds and how the, well, I was about to say heroine, which in Sookie's case is a well deserved title, but that's hardly the case with Bella, are impervious to the charms or rather abilities of vampires. Now, it might seems as if I dislike Twilight. I am in fact a fan. A fan of the first book. I actually loved it. It was a love story that captivated me. There was Edward who invoked a bit of Mr. Darcy and Heathcliff, and a teensy bit of Romeo, but I don't like Romeo that much, but oh, how I enjoyed reading that book. There was however Bella. If I hadn't liked the idea behind the story so much, I would have put down the book at her first self-deprecating complaint. I'm not a rabid fangirl hating on Bella because she gets Edward, no. I am however a strong independent girl and am disgusted by Bella's character. My, my, how far from True Blood I seem to have strayed, but fear not, I plan on somehow driving this whole thing back to True Blood. So, Bella. There's nothing commendable about her. She's selfish, she has no self esteem, she doesn't value her friends or family, she's reckless, and I could go on for quite a while, but why bother? So, after I read the first book, I decided to read the other ones. Bad decision; they just kept getting worse. The writing was inconsistent, there was hardly any character growth and development. Then, along came Breaking Dawn. Consistency was thrown out the window as were any little character development that might have happened in the last two books. Hey, she may as well have skipped the last two books because barely anything that happened in them was considered. Then there were all the spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of those. I guess what I'm getting at is, how can a book where it appears as such little thought has gone into the story become so successful? Not only that, but why are girls aspiring to become such a forgettable character? Such a feeble, meritless character as Bella. Because say what they might, any girls would gladly trade places with Bella. I read the boos, yeah, but only because I figured since I already stared, I may as well finish. Did I enjoy it, no, I had to push myself to get through the last one more than I had to do for the others. Now, I haven't read the paperback novels True Blood is based on, but I assume TV Sookie must be at least loosely based on paper Sookie and I like her. Yes, she's kind of gullible and sometimes does really stupid things, but she also doesn't like to feel helpless and she is brave. She's not the prettiest girl around, but neither does she go around like Bella feeling as if she's the ugliest girl in town. Self esteem is so much better than self pity.

Of course, when talking about vampires and Twilight, the subject of sparkling skin will inevitably come up. Do I like it? Mot really, but it doesn't bother that much. However, it does take away from the enigma that veils vampires and the every essence of what makes them so sexy. They are creatures of the night and are cloaked in mystery. They are oh so very alluring, but there is a dark and dangerous side to them and that makes them all the more appealing. When you change the drama and enigma to a simple, 'we sparkle in the sun,' you've just turned a symbol of lust and power to one of magical beauty and really, you may as well call it a unicorn; it's magical and pretty. the nighttime is what makes a vampire so appealing. They are our opposites and yet we crave them. Am I going too into detail over a simple novel and TV series, perhaps, but I do love my rants and rambles.

So, it is established, I prefer Sookie. That is also why I prefer watching the TV show to going to the movies to watch the next installments in the Twilight series. I may however rent the movies because I gotta admit, I find Robert Pattinson drop dead gorgeous. In my defense, that was my first thought when I saw him in Goblet of Fire, so no, I didn't just think, "ooh, he's Edward, he's perfect!" Funnily enough, when my cousin told me there was going to be a Twilight movie, this was before I'd read the books and she just told me Edward's supposed to be good-looking, I said Robert Pattinson would be a good Edward. Perhaps I have found a new calling in life as a casting director. Anyway...

I could now write a review of this week's episode of True Blood, but I rather think it seems out of context after such a long rant. I must say, however, that I did find it interesting that Godric seems to believe in the concept of love.

So, there you have it. My thoughts, rant, or whatever you prefer to call it. I'm not saying I hate Twilight, I enjoyed the firs book and the idea behind it, but I just thought the rest were badly executed. As for True Blood, I like how raunchy it is. It combines the supposed elegance of vampires with the dirty south for a truly unforgettable combination and each episode just keeps you begging for more.
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19 May 2009 @ 08:28 pm
 So, how to begin? Um, quite simple, really... um... WOW! Yes, I am a big Robert Donwey, Jr. fan, so it is no surprise that I have been anticipating this movie for quite a while now. The cast is pretty amazing and really, if you don't know who's in it, go look it up because you should know!  To be perfectly honest, I can't name any Guy Ritchie films off the top of my head, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't expecting a catastrophe as I gathered some were by reading here and there online. I've seen the set photos and official releases and it looked cool, for lack of a better word. I love the look of it! It's very raw and real. It screams smoggy, dirty England as is correct for the time period and I love it. Holmes isn't some prime and proper gentleman, but a renegade. He's witty. savvy, and sexy. No, I didn't just gather this from the trailer, I've been reading up on this and I like what I see so far. I mean, really, who would object to a shirtless Donwey? Certainly not me, and by the looks of it, we get more than just shirtless. I also like the fact that Watson isn't some chubby sidekick, but a real asset to Holmes. I don't know, but the movie looks fantastic. It looks like there will be a couple funny moments, but appropriate ones. After all, Sherlock Holmes isn't a comedy, but I do like when a movie isn't just an action/drama/mystery, but the whole package. And that brings me back to Downey. How fantastic is he?! The accent's good, the skinny gaunt look is absolutely fantastic and he looks like a charmer. Though the latter might just be a trait Downey carries to all his performances (Tony Stark, anyone?). Oh, here's the link for the trailer, before I forget. I cannot begin to describe how absolutely excited I am to see this movie. I've already forced five people to watch the trailer out of my sheer excitement, but hey, in my defense, they told me it was good! Here's to hoping this won't be one of those movies where the trailer looks fantastic and the movie's not so much, but hey, it's been my experience that Robert Downey Jr. never chooses a flop of a movie, and this doesn't seem like the kind of movie that will flop. So, hats off to you all at Sherlock Holmes. It looks good. It looks compelling. It looks like the movie to watch. December cannot come fast enough, though I'm sure it will be worth the wait, I'm just not the patient type. So, I absolutely cannot wait until the next trailer. Not too sure how you'll top this, but goodness me am I glad this movie's at least coming out this year because honestly there haven't been many action movies lately I've really been looking forward to seeing. So now I am rambling, I am aware of that, but I like talking about Sherlock Holmes though I think I've said it all as far as a trailer goes. I mean, there's only so much you can say without seeing the movie. Hmm, I'm missing some sort of conclusion... Oh, I think I heard somewhere this might turn into a franchise; all I can say is, yes please and thank you!
25 April 2009 @ 05:42 pm
So, it's been a while since I've been around, but hey life's full of surprises and school's far too time-consuming; still, as occupied as I am by the later, I feel I must definitely take the time to praise one of the best movies I've seen in a couple years. First off, I will admit that I am in fact a huge Robert Downey, Jr.  fan and I suppose I must also admit this has only been the case since I saw Iron Man. yes, I am aware that he's been in many other movies that will grant him the title of 'the best actor if his generation' (a title I absolutely agree with), but the reason I started admiring him so much as an actor was that someone could get me as excited over a super hero movie. I do like superhero movies, that's not what I'm saying, but the fact that I was so captivated five minutes into the movie was an completely alien experience. Of course, there were his looks as well, but I was just so intrigued by how Downey was able to make such a womanizing character so likable. There was also the sense of humor and after reading and watching some interviews, I realized that that funny bit of Tony Stark was actually the bit Downey brought to the role, amplified by the fact that Favreau encouraged Downey to improvise, well done, sir, i say! This brings me back to The Soloist. When I first heard that a movie starring Downey and Foxx was coming out, I was very excited! Then I heard it was based on a true story and so I figured it would be an engaging drama. As I headed to the theatre an irrational fear gripped me. "What if I don't like this movie?" Sounds silly, yes, but in my mind, I have such a high respect for Downey and his performances that after hearing some sceptic posts online about the movie, I started second-guessing just how much I did want t go see the movie. Well, I went o see the movie in the end, opening night, actually. It's been my experience that Robert Downey, Jr. doesn't actually evenr make any bad movie choices, whether it be something as commercial as Iron Man or not so much like Fur. I'm not about to give a retelling all the plot, all I will say is that is a very moving story, all the more so because it's based on a true story. Now, unto the actors. Jamie Foxx was very good. One must always be careful when portraying a character with any sort of mental illness, but what I liked about Foxx's performance was that he didn't solely focus on that. Nathaniel, the character that Foxx plays, wasn't just 'that guy with the mental problem,' no, he was funny, he was insightful, and he gave the viewers some very deep insight into just how he came to be where he is today. Robert Downey, Jr. was, as always, brilliant.  There was tht underlying cynical bite he was has in all his statements that makes him so funny, but it wasn't inappropriately funny for the subject the movie was on; no, it only served to make his character, Steve Lopez, entertaining, compelling, and that much more relatable. All in all, i truly enjoyed the movie, I actually cried at one point, none of that obnoxious crying, but there was one point when Lopez came to such a painful realization he got teary eyed and so did I; unlike Downey, however, I had tears sliding down my face. It wasn't al sad, though, the onscreen chemistry between Foxx and Downey was fantastic ad they had some playful banter that made me and quite a few others in the theatre laugh as well. That would be my last point, the others in the theatre. To my happiness, I suppose, the theatre was in fact quite full; no there wasn't any of that High School Musical queuing for hours before the movie starts, but it was nice to see that as the movie actually drew nearer, the thee was a constant flow of people coming into the theatre. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's nice to see people still get excited for movies that are not so much blockbusters as true stories that give us hope.
09 February 2009 @ 12:12 am
Methinks this one shall be sticking round for a while seeing as I absolutely adore polka dots and just look at it! Then again, there are so many awesome layouts at thefulcrum .
Also, thank to mlle_alambatin for pointing me in the right direction! ^_^

Edit: I will get 'round to some proper updates ocne I've actually got the time... "_"
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26 January 2009 @ 09:04 pm
it was created by tasha over at her LJ layout community.
04 January 2009 @ 08:28 pm

So, I finally got around to posting my thoughts. It's not my best post, but I think I covered most of what I was thinking, so I don't know, I'd like to see what others think and if we agree on anything. Also, I just want to maybe look at the argument froma  different point of view. Without any further ado...

My thoughts over at my jounral
03 January 2009 @ 06:04 pm
So, Matt Smith's been cast as the eleventh Doctor? My thought? Sort of nonexistent at the moment... I do know not everyone's thrilled with the casting decision, but I've honestly never seen any of his work so I can't objectively comment on his acting abilities. I have watched Secret Diary of a Callgirl and I read he was in one of the episodes, but I don't remember him. Really, the problem here is not who was cast, but rather the person Matt's replacing, David Tennant! You can't just do that lightly. No matter who was cast, people were still going to be upset, hey, I'll even accept the fact that I cried when I first found out David wasn't coming back after the specials; no, it wasn't obnoxious crying, but next thing I knew, I was tearing up; that's how big of a part of my life that show is and I'm not even British! I didn't grow up watching that show I've not really been able to experience the hype over the show seeing as I live on the other side of the pond, but I do own a Sonic Screwdriver and it's all because of David Tennant. I've not seen the whole of the classic series, but I've seen a lot, and yes, it is good, but David brought something to the table that just hadn't been there before. He wasn't just some eccentric time traveler, he had emotion, real ones and oh, you could tell he cared, he really did. Yes, I know, he's only following the script, but the character's only as good as the actor playing them. He was enthusiastic about the show and you could feel that radiating off of his performance. Doctor Who became more than that, people finally started calling the character the Doctor, he had a name and he was funny, a bit depressed at times, geeky, bloody brilliant, and drop dead gorgeous; not your average gorgeous, no, he was tall, pasty white, freckly, skinny, and his voice got all squeaky when he got excited, but by Jove, he was sexy! David was able to take the character and develop so many layers to him; he wasn't just some old and mighty grief stricken time traveler, no, though that was still there, he was jovial, fun, and open minded.
As much as it pains me to say this, enough about David; though I will say I wish he were coming back for a full season, but my only consolation is the hope that we shall soon have the specials where the Doctors return, hey' I've even got a script worked out on how David can be the 12th Doctor and it is cannon, let me tell you. Onwards to Matt, now. I find it cruel that people are commenting on hi looks, I for one find him to be quite pleasing to the eye. He's a mix between Ecclestone and Tennant. From the promo pictures I've seen he doesn't look like Doctor Who to me, rather Spooks, as my friend Cat mentioned. Then again, we might just be heading towards a darker series seeing as Moffat does like his dark plots; speaking of Steven Moffat, let me just say that I absolutely loathed River Song. After a mere five minutes of onscreen time for her, I was ready for her to leave, so I'm hoping that's one story arc that won't be revisited; at least not by Tennant; I don't want the BBc wasting whatever precious time he has left onscreen on someone like River Song; an annoyance is all she is. So, a darker series, good, I like that. I would assume the Doctor will also be a bit more cocky, not that Tennant wasn't oh, he was, because he was smart and foxy and he knew it! Rather, I think Eleven will be coy and cocky, not all that happy and a bit more sexual; sure Russel T Davies thinks he's very forward thinking what with his sexually ambiguous characters and all, but he never really tapped into their sexuality. I find sexuality to be more than mere sex, but that's just me. Maybe I
m reading too much into the promo pictures I've seen, I think it's been only two or three, but I will give Eleven a chance; I know of fans swearing off the new series once Tennant's gone, but I love the show too much to do that; I hope I'm not mistaken in thinking that the show can be just as good without David Tennant. On the other hand, I might just avoid all things BBC if I end up hating the show for what may or may not turn out to be a bad casting decision. Then again, not everyone was pleased when Ten was cast...
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23 November 2008 @ 06:50 pm
After obsessively waiting for his movie for months, I must say it's met all my expectations, though I can't help but feel a bit sad that it's sort of over for now, well, until the hype for the now confirmed New Moon starts. I was rather scared I wasn't going to completely enjoy the movie. I'd previously seen some of Kirsten's work and when I found out she was playing Bella, I wasn't too thrilled, she seemed like a rather two dimensional actress that was capable of only playing grungy characters, but I'm happy to say I was wrong.  She really was Bella, the sort of unassuming girl that's not really that comfortable in her own skin and suddenly finds herself the center of attention at a new school the the object of affection of what could only be describe as perfection. She was really funny and sarcastic and you could see the intensity of the love Bella feels for Edward even though we couldn't always hear her thoughts.  I still marvel at how she was able to pull off how uncomfortable Bella feels at times. Now, onto Robert Pattinson, yes, I fangirled, because really, I think he's absolutely gorgeous, but there is a difference between me and most other screaming fangirls. When I was discussing Twilight with a friend and she mentioned the movie, I actually said I thought Robert Pattinson would be perfect for the role; there, true story. I'm not so sure why people were so upset over his casting, but I think he is what Edward's like in my head. He's a pretty boy, but there's sort of an edge to him, it's not all rainbows and sunshine, there's some very deep and complicated shadows and he can be dangerous, oh, yes he can. I was absolutely delight at how Robert decided to paly Edward as someone who hates himself, because really, if you're read Midnight Sun, on Stephenie's website that is, you would know that Edward thinks himself a monster, and why shouldn't he? He killed all those people and he still has to kill to survive, but the thirst never goes away. He was depressed throughout the whole movie and it was nice to see him smile when Bella was around and when they first go together and he got out of his car in those gorgeous glasses that very much looked like Ray Bans, I wanted to squeak a little. It was a complete turnaround and sure,t here was his devastating good looks, but his character just looked so much more charismatic than before. Something else I found peculiar was how he always seemed to crouch instead of kneeling on the ground or just sitting, it was so intriguing and I would assume related to the fact that there' a hunting instinct in him. The clothes at times could have been better for the Cullens, seeing as they're supposed to seem like designer clothes, but not scream it; still, mighty well done.
I should mention all the other actors because they did and amazing job, so I shall proceed. Bella's dad was played magnificently with the awkwardness when expressing emotions but still you could see how deeply he cared for Bella. Bella's mom didn't get much onscreen time, but the actress hit the nail right on the head. All the other Cullens were fantastic, my favorite was Jasper; Jackson Rathbone plays him and apart from being quite yummy looking, he delivered. He didn't have many lines, but I found the whole 'the one who always looks like he's in pain' line hilarious; and he did! He just had the funniest look on his face, but it made sense, I think it takes a good actor to pull that off. Rosalie of course was mean and rude as she should be, though I imagined her looking different, still, she was good. I was surprised when I first heard Alice speak, for some reason I didn't think her voice would be quite that high, but of course it fits her; Ashley Greene did a really good job and she did seem just fun ad happy. Emmet was just hilarious; he does seem like a menacing teddy bear and I think that's fantastic! When he held up the knife I thought it was just about the funniest thing because hes such a sweetheart, but he can seem so threatening. Carlisle really doesn't look like what I thought he should, but he was played in a very philanthropic manner and  I ended up liking him. Esmé just seemed so sweet I wanted to hug her!
As for the baddies, it doesn't get much better than Cam. My gosh, the man oozes sex appeal! Apart from that, he is a brilliant actor and I really liked the fight scene. Laurent was just how I expected him, and Victoria was fantastic AND played by a Canadian actress. Her hair is absolutely fantastic, and natural. All of Bella's friends were also right on cue. Jessica was just as bitchy and Mike was overprotecting and a jock with a soft, goofy side. Eric was a bit of a shock and Angela was nice, though I would have rather have Edward been the one that got her together with Eric, not Bella, but what can you do? Tyler was very funny when he kept apologizing for nearly killing Bella.
Oh, and how could I forget Jacob?! My least favorite character in the books only because I find him to be obnoxious and perhaps because I am an avid Edward lover and therefore biased, but I did find he didn't get much onscreen tie; he will in the next movie, though and he cuts his hair in the movie soon because I know he is absolutely gorgeous with short spiky hair, have you seen the pictures? He also sports a wicked smile that can make any heart melt. Still, I suppose we shouldn't really care that much about JAcob in this film, so well played, Summit, I would say.
The one thing that bothered me was that in a closeup of Edward you could see that he was wearing contacts, minor, but if this was the only thing I really found wrong with the movie, it must have been a really good movie. By merely watching I felt I've accomplished something since I've been waiting so long to do so.
All in all, I can't wait for New Moon to come out; I am beyond excited to know that they're continuing the franchise because it would only be fair to just do all four movies. Keep 'em coming, Summit!